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I began making hand crafted, spice scented candles some 40 years ago after my folks discovered an antique tin colonial candle mold from an antique shop in Berwick, Maine in 1960. What began as a hobby during my youth has become a quiet passion from my cozy candle shop in Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania located 20 miles northwest of Historic Valley Forge.

I use an Eco friendly soy/paraffin blended wax and 100 % cotton wick to promote a slow burning candle. They are carefully strung by hand, a dozen tin tubes at a time. The ends are then sealed with wax and the first pour is made. After the first pour contracts in a few hours, I make a second and final pour, before extraction.

  My signature stock colors are a Colonial White, Cranberry Red, Wild Bayberry Green, Sunshine Gold and Purrington Purple. 

 I typically use a touch of “oil of clove” as my signature scent which gives off a pleasant fragrance without being too strong. The clove dates back to the Han Dynasty (226 BC) where it was used for medicinal purposes and as an aphrodisiac. In later times, it has been used in dentistry for it's anesthetic properties. The word clove gets its name form the French word "clou" which means nail , which many think it resembles. The clove is actually the dried flower bud of an evergreen tree. It has a rich, warm smell to me and a hint of it will likely remain behind in the drawer and cabinet that you might store the candles in.

  In the process or pouring and then extracting my candles there is an approximately an inch long “tail” that I use to extract the candle from the mold. I leave it on as it is convenient to “snug up” the candles when securing in a holder or for simply tying them together to display, hanging on a mantel or in a kitchen area. You can easily snip them off should you desire.

  I also make custom colors upon request with a minimum 120 candle batch. I package them in hand made, recycled fiber boxes of 2, 6 or 12 or bulk if you prefer. The gift boxes come in a cranberry gingham print and an earthy kraft tree print.

  Our cherry candle boards range in sizes to accommodate two, six or twelve candles. They are all hand sanded and rubbed with a special beeswax/orange oil wax, which accentuates both the "figure and grain" as well as the warm tone of the Cherry Wood. I do have some raw Black Walnut as well, so do not hesitate to ask for anything you don't see on our site as we are always looking for new ideas to expand our current offering. We look forward to fulfilling your requests. 

How We Got Started 
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